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Annabelle Thom

About Annabelle Thom

Annabelle Thom, the woman, is elegant, quirky and passionate. Now a fashion icon in her own right, she has stitched together a bush-loving romanticism, keen entrepreneurial skills and deep appreciation of the individuality of her workers. All her products are handcrafted with sharp attention to detail, quality workmanship and individuality.

The brand, like the designer herself, is about no-nonsense fabulousness. Virtually all the raw materials are sourced from Kenya, from the sturdy and rich local leather, to the cotton, the curio adornments and the beading. The continuity of leather can sometimes be hard due to drought and availability. The upside of this is the authentic range available at any one time.

The signature mark of an Annabelle Thom piece is its finishing. The members of her team are all handpicked for their specialist skills and gifts of creativity. Each piece you buy will be a gift unto yourself. A friend for life.

Our aim is sustainable growth whilst ensuring the preservation of traditional methods. We currently have 6 young men trained in the art of brass casting and jewellery production; our aim is to double this over the next 2 years