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Thokozani MbathaBlack Pepper

About Black Pepper

Black Pepper was founded in 2002. Since then Black Pepper has successfully positioned itself as a preferred brand for the post-Mandela generation of young professionals, managers and
entrepreneurs – black and white – offering international design standards to African markets.
After a successful ten-year career in South African fashion, Black Pepper entered the international
fashion scene in 2008.

In June and July 2010 Black Pepper presented the first of a series of fashion shows in Paris: the Labo
Ethnik Summer Collection. This was followed by a highly successful show at the 2010 Imaginez
Maintenant Fashion Expo held at the Eiffel Tower Paris.

In January 2011, Black Pepper was showcased in the Prêt a Porter (Ready to Wear) in Paris for Culture France before an international panel of the World Fashion Council. Black Pepper has ever since received an open invitation to continue exhibiting at Prêt a Porter Paris and the Foire de Paris respectively.

In November 2010 the brand was specially invited to show at the Molato Na Brazza Fashion Week
Brazzaville Republic of Congo: the President of the Republic attended the Black Pepper show. In 2012
Black Pepper represented the Ethekwini Municipality in Gabon. In 2012 and again in October 2013
Black Pepper presented an acclaimed collections as an invited international brand at the Africa
Fashion Week in Ghana, organised by the prestigious all-Africa fashion magazine Glitz.

In 2014, Black Pepper under its designer Thokozani Mbatha was awarded Best Menswear by South
African GQ Magazine, at the Durban International Fashion Fair, and in 2015 Black Pepper opened the
Durban International Fashion Fair, with a highly acclaimed collection.

In 2016, Black Pepper was the nominated brand to supply designs and costumes for the musical show
Africa My Home currently touring the African continent. The Hollywood film Coma – produced in
2016 and due for world-wide release in August 2017 – featured and showcased Black Pepper designs
and costumes.

These highlights of Black Pepper African and international exposure show that Black Pepper has a very
marketable product range based on a finely-tuned contemporary African design philosophy. They
also underline Black Pepper highly visible presence in Africa .