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Irina & Elena

About Irina & Elena

The collection “Alice in Wonderland” was created by a creative union designers Elena Shutko and Irina Karataeva. The basis of the collection consists of products made in engineering felting, nunofelting, these techniques show very well that you can create clothes without the achievements and inventions of civilization from environmentally friendly materials – natural wool, silk, viscose, linen and cotton of various designs.

Because These techniques allow the creation of single and unique things of their kind, then the collection should not be repeated probably, therefore for each display are created exclusive single products.

Cognition of the world, nature, beauty – inspires and gives the artistic design of the future collection. A city and a country where It is planned to show the collection, as a rule, give the main direction.

Collection – always an experiment, always work with unique materials. Felted clothes are clothes for people capable of
appreciate all the beauty and richness of natural materials.